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I am a self motivated, aspiring business woman, very ambitious and warm-hearted. I always see the best in people and want to see the world become a better place for all. I am currently starting an information and business centre in my community and have dreams of one day having my own jewelry line. I work at the University of Pretoria as an Admin Assistant, I was also a student here studying Economics. I love to party and have a good time with pals and also enjoy watching tv and browsing the internet (addicted to tumblr :[ :p ). View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

I am an aspiring business woman, when it comes to ideas and trend analysis I am very good. I can do market research and write business proposals and business plans.



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Extra Information

  • Data Capture

    I worked at The Main Attraction Marketing as an intern and would capture data from permanent promoting staff who worked at Edgars, Foschini etc. I captured the units they sold and hours worked.

  • Exhibitions

    I attend exhibitions a lot since I am an aspiring entrepreneur, the last one I attend was the Business Expo at Gallagher Estate.

  • In-store / Store approved

    I was working for Edgars in December and January , opening accounts and helping with customer services, at The Main Attraction we also did In-store activations for new fragrances that were launching.

  • Presenting

    At Edgars and The Main Attraction we were trained to present products, at Edgars it was store accounts and insurance and at The Main Attraction it was perfumes like Rihanna Vogue, Karl Lagerfield etc. We would have to present these to the customer and get them to buy.

  • Sales

    At Edgars I was working with sales, had to reach a certain target, we "sold" accounts and insurance. I also worked at an internet café where we also sold computer parts and had to reach a target for sales per week.