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I'm an independent, impeccably groomed, loving, friendly, understanding and mature individual that relishes any challenge or opportunity that comes my way. Virtue is a foundation I try to maintain to strengthen me from day to day. Adventure and spontaneity is what makes me soar because adequate confidence makes life no bore. I'm tremendously passionate about people. It's my ambition to build relationships and to treat the next person better than myself. I have a sense of humour to keep the atmosphere warm and to put a smile on the next person's face. I strive for excellence in all I do whilst maintaining professionalism. I'm focused and determined, driven to completing the task at hand to perfection. I'm deeply motivated and hard working and know that to maintain order you need to be submissive to authority. I'm extremely methodical, numerical, neat, tidy, analytical, attentive, meticulous, detailed, open minded, creative and being organised rules me in the first degree. I'm independent and can work well on my own with no supervision, however, I'm humble enough to listen and accommodate working in a team. I have a teachable attitude, I'm always willing to learn, and grow in wisdom. Not only have I been computer literate for more than a decade, I've also been involved in the promotions, events, sales, marketing, advertising and entertainment industry for about ten years! View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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Other Experience

Hostess. Supervisor Centre courts



First language: English

Extra Information

  • Data Capture

    Some promotions included data capturing.

  • Demonstration

    Many promotions!

  • Exhibitions

    Two Oceans Marathon. Cape Argus Cycle Tour

  • Leafleting


  • Modelling

    Portfolio for photographers

  • Sampling

    Many products!

  • Technology

    Valpre I was the team leader.