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I thrive on offering the best that I can, to whomever is on the receiving end, be it a customer or a client. Selling a product, for me, not only involves the physical product, but also involves the customer service and the personnel, involved in the selling and marketing of that product. I believe that the customer is not only buying the product, he/she is also buying the service, even if it may not be part of the product. I intend on running my own company/organisation/business/firm one day, and I would like for my staff to treat my customers/clients like royalty, and for every one of their needs and expectations to be met and to be suceeded. And so, since I am applying to be one of your staff, I would conduct business in a way, that I would also like for my future staff to conduct business. And that is with the utmost excellence and quality of service. I'm very ambitious, resourceful, dynamic, creative, tenacious, resilient, diligent and intuitive. In addition to that, I am also studying my Bachelor of Business Science in Marketing at Monash University South Africa, and will finish in exactly a year from now. I Have been doing well, coming out with the highest and second highest marks for the majority of my assignments/tests. Lastly, I am currently working at Dynamic Vision Marketing and am looking for an organisation whose culture suits me a little bit more and one that challenges me more, and I think that Stuck For Staff is that organisation for me. View my contact details, availability, and stats.

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